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Good food is a mini cosmos itself Mike Daniels Jersey , a place where flavors combine well with textures to create a generally pleasing sensation. A good meal sometimes contains more. Not only does every dish require ingredients nicely balanced in proportion, the interactions among different dishes also decide if the symphony on the taste buds is a complete success.

During the trip to Xi'an, we found ourselves constantly surprised by the local street food. The diversity fascinated us, but most of all, each meal seemed a complete experience of a good meal, every dish complemented each other and came with a story. By tasting each signature dish Clay Matthews Jersey , we learned more about the food culture and thus glimpsed into the locals'daily lives, shaped by the ancient capital's long history.

One of the famous foods one should not miss is Yangroupaomo. What makes it unique in Xi'an is that everybody can make their own paomo, the steamed bun, because it is part of the authentic dining etiquette.

One of famous foods in Xi'an [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

Our guide took us to a locally famous restaurant and the waitress handed us a round paomo and told us to pull it into small cubes according to our own preferences. If you like it soft and mashed, try to make it as tiny as you can. Do the opposite if you enjoy the chewiness.

People do this partly because the meal will be more interesting when they make their food together and chat while doing so. It is equivalent to people waving and saying hello to each other on the street. This is another way of warming up friendship over the table.

When we were done with our paomo, the cubes were taken into the kitchen and were served later with a well-prepared mutton soup. Our guide told us this should be eaten with the local chili sauce and sweetened pickled garlic . The trick is to put the sauce on the top and not mix it with the soup Davante Adams Salute to Service Jersey , so that the soup can always be clear and thus keep its original taste.

Take some chili with each bite and finish it with garlic. The spiciness kicked in first and the freshness of the soup followed. The flavor of mutton oozed out over each chew of the spongy cubes. Then the sweetness of the garlic came in the end as a palate cleanser that prepared us for the next bite.

The chili sauce worked magic in that it brought out the fragrance of red peppers but didn't overpower the other flavors or dull the senses by going too strong.

At the end of meal, our whole bodies were warmed up by the hearty mutton soup and I even sweated a little bit.

Sweet sticky rice cake with the seasonal Chinese date syrup [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

The last dish was a sweet sticky rice cake with the seasonal Chinese date syrup and it wrapped up our satisfying meal with a touch of autumn. We walked out the restaurant into the hustle and bustle of Xi'an's night streets and started to wonder when we could come back to this city again.


Choujiu [Photo: Internet]

Choujiu, a popular drink in Xi’an, is a type of Chinese fermented alcoholic beverage brewed from glutinous rice. It is very thick and has a milky white color, which is sometimes compared to jade.

It is an ancient variety of Chinese alcoholic beverage and can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty, where it was praised by the poet Li Bai. In ancient times Jaire Alexander Salute to Service Jersey , choujiu was referred to as låolǐor yÚjiāng.


Liangpi [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

Liangpi is a noodle-like Chinese dish made from wheat or rice flour. It is a specialty dish originating from the Chinese province of Shaanxi, but has now spread to many other places in China, in particular the northern and central regions. Although liangpi is served cold, they are served in every season, including winter.

The New York Times' Julia Moskin describes liangpi as served at Xi'an Famous Foods as "a dish of cold noodles in a sauce that hits every possible flavor category (sweet, tangy Aaron Rodgers Salute to Service Jersey , savory, herbal, nutty and dozens of others)."

Rou jia mo

Rou jia mo [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

Rou jia mo, meaning "meat burger" or "meat sandwich," is a Xi’an street food and now widely consumed all over China. The meat is most commonly pork, stewed for hours in a soup containing over 20 spices and seasonings.


Jinggao [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

Jinggao is a rice cake made of sticky rice and Chinese dates. It earns its name from its cooker Davante Adams Kids Jersey , the “Jing”, a steamer with small holes.


Youpojiumian [Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

Youpojiumian is a type of hand-pulled noodles topped with vegetables and chili paste. Boiling oil is poured over the top to create a special fragrance when serving.

Muslim quarter in Xi'an

[Photo by Fan Zhenchinadaily]

The Muslim Quarter in Xi'an is one of the most well-known parts of the city. Visitors to the city will consider it a whirlwind lesson in bartering and delicious-looking street foods.

How to get there

Location: West of Zhonggulou Square, Beilin District, Xi'an

Transportation: Bus 4, 7, 15 Jaire Alexander Kids Jersey , 32, 43, 45, 201, 205, 206 Aaron Rodgers Kids Jersey , 215, 218, 221, 222, 251, 300 Packers Davante Adams Jersey , 604, 611, 612 and K630 will take you to the Bell Tower, and then walk three minutes to get there

Opening times: all day long

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