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My Experience with No meat Health Articles | April 27 Reggie Jackson Jersey , 2012
Most people think that a 26.2-mile marathon distance run is the longest. On the stand of a vegetarian and ultrarunning player, I know this is not true. In fact, what makes me a better athlete is just vegetarian diet.

Most people think that a 26.2-mile marathon distance run is the longest. Actually, ultrarunning is famous for its distance as far as 50 kilometres, 50 miles and 100 kilometres. In this kind of sports, the longest is 100 miles. In some people's thoughts Andre Drummond Jersey , vegetarians can not be true athletes, and participated in so cruel as ultrarunning. On the stand of a vegetarian and ultrarunning player, I know this is not true. In fact, what makes me a better athlete is just vegetarian diet.
Since the college life to participate in cross-country running, I have tried a variety of training programs to increase the distance to be able to participate in the marathon, but every time I have failed. In 1996 Detroit Pistons Jersey , things have a turning point that my uncle, a former Navy and nearly three decades of vegetarian, inspired me to become a vegetarian. Six months later I completed my first marathon.
Usually I'm just a general vegetarian, but when the training is so intense, I am a strict vegetarian. Complex carbohydrates exit in fruits, vegetables Nikola Jokic Jersey , grain, spaghetti and many other foods, and these foods are what vegetarians absorb in abundance. Fat is a good source of energy, however, if together with protein (i.e. mixed in meat), the average Americans' intake of fat is much more than the basic needs. Vegetarian can help you control the fat intake Gary Harris Jersey , but not excessive.
In ultrarunning race or extended training, the training time is usually 3 to 12 hours, in order to replenish my energy quickly, I sometimes eat energy bars. However, I don't advocate it as part of our daily food. we should make sure the energy bars are really vegetarian, no matter the fact that most energy bars are vegetarian. I strongly recommend you to use energy bars in training before race. At the same time Paul Millsap Jersey , keeping the body hydrated is most important.
You can improve your health, physical strength, energy from being a vegetarian or vegan. Besides, I believe that insisting on a vegetarian lifestyle needs physical and mental accomplishment which is very similar to that in long-distance training.
It is wise to conduct a physical examination before adopting any new health plan. You can try a combination of walking and running methods depending on your background of different health and exercise. Despite that it takes extra time, it can do good to the effect of training gradually and prevent injuries. As running is becoming more and more popular, there are often products boasted of quick effect and singular function surrounding runners. Vegetarianism is very beneficial to a good attitude and diet which can make you run the farthest.
Many people think that being a vegetarian or a professional athlete needs a lot of time and energy Isaiah Thomas Jersey , but I find the opposite is true.
Although I'm just an ordinary person, extreme sports makes me believe that vegetarian lifestyle allow common people accomplish extraordinary things. If only you will keep the good diet, I believe you will enjoy better exercise performance and better life.

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By Oliver Trust

BERLIN, Jan. 7 (Xinhua) -- Marco Pezzaiuoli, a German trainer and Youth Coordinator at Chinese football club Guangzhou Evergrande, told Xinhua in a recent interview that China has great potential in football but still has a lot of homework to do in youth training Denver Nuggets Jersey , including to set up a sound league system, to have more pitches and to introduce special rules to youth football games to folster development.

Xinhua: How is your Chinese after a year in China?

Pezzaiuoli: Do you have to start with my weakness?

Xinhua: Well, yes. We're looking forward to you speaking Chinese?

Pezzaiuoli: (laughing) Ok, I seem to be trapped.

Xinhua: And?

Pezzaiuoli: To be honest, it's terrible. I can say a few words such as right, left DeAndre Jordan Jersey , pressing or counter-attack, but I obviously have to improve. And that's one of my biggest New Year resolutions to learn Chinese like I can speak Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese or Korean.

Xinhua: What will take longer, you learning Chinese or China winning the World Cup?

Pezzaiuoli: You seem to be an expert for tricky questions. But never mind. I hope it takes longer for China to win the World Cup as my plan is to speak Chinese much better within the next year.

Xinhua: Any predictions when China will be ready to win a major tournament such as the World Cup?

Pezzaiuoli: To be honest Dirk Nowitzki Jersey , it will be a matter of decades.

Xinhua: Why?

Pezzaiuoli: Just take a look at Japan or South Korea. They have developed impressively in recent times and are still far from claiming the trophy you talked about. But that is nothing to be sad about. Football is a fascinating game that gives you so much. To see that a nation determined to improve is great. And China is developing, but things takes time. It would be no different if Germany tried to become the world's leading table tennis nation. And for China it's maybe much harder to achieve...

Xinhua: Why?

Pezzaiuoli: China is an extremely open and inquisitive country and the people are eager to learn. But just take a look at the size of this gigantic nation. 27 times bigger than Germany, here 80 million people there 1.4 billion. The first challenge is to instill a system that everybody can rely upon in your football.

Xinhua: You're thinking of a league system like in Germany or other European countries?

Pezzaiuoli: That is one of the "problems" in China, the country is far too big to have a similar s. Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Cheap Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Authentic Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys From China Cheap MLB Jerseys China Cheap College Jerseys From China Cheap Wholesale NHL Jerseys Cheap Basketball Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap

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